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a close up image of a purple flowering plant called self-heal

We all have the power to heal ourselves! Taking charge of your needs with plant medicine is an act of resistance in our current world. Let me help you take the first steps towards reclaiming the power to heal yourself. However that might look for you. My skills in herbal medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle counseling are based on the teachings of Indigenous wisdom. I have been trained in the ways of seeing and understanding that a person's mind, life experiences, and environment are a direct correlation to their current and past states of wellness. It is my intention to help you achieve a sense of balance within. This inturn will ultimately guide you to a space of overall harmony and wellness. My offerings are designed to provide you with professional wellness services that include the art of observing, listening and focusing on you as a whole energetic being. It is my role not to fix, but to guide and optimize your wellness while handing you the tools to move forward in confidence. I am an herbalist in partnership with you on your healing journey.

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