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Shannon Gibson an african american herbalist sits smiling in a patch of white sage.

My background in culinary arts led to the discovery of, and journey into, natural healing modalities in 2018. I am a clinical herbalist graduate of the Well of Indigenous Wisdom School, Chapter Coordinator of HWB Pittsburgh and Soul Fire Farm Alumni. These are all titles that are very much a part of me, but only pieces. While these have been huge accomplishments for me, I feel very silly describing myself this way to people. There is so much more to a person than a list of their titles and accomplishments. It is my belief that coming to know the many facets of oneself and in better understanding others is a lifelong journey.

Plant medicine combined with the education and support I’ve received in recent years has placed me back onto the path of a healer. It has also shifted me into alignment with my body and spirit. It is hard and constant work. Rewarding work. I am dedicated to helping those struggling with mental illness find their balance and truth. Read a little more about my story here. I truly want nothing more than to guide and support others in achieving this for themselves. Plant medicine and healing are available to those who are ready.

An American Herbalist Guild Associate Members bage

Shannon Gibson
Clinical Herbalist

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